Casio - The iconic watch brand from Japan

Casio is known for being one of the most recognized watch brands in the world - and with good reason. Casio is a frontrunner when it comes to watch innovation, techonlogy and design. The brand carries several immensely popular series, such as Casio ClassicEdificeG-shockProtek and Retro.  I addition to this, the brand is very well known for its expert knowledge and design of digital watches.

The brand has its roots all the way back in 1946, however, the focus for the company back then was on other technologies. The founder of Casio, Tadao Kashio, invented the worlds first ever electrically driven calculator, which made the calculator mobile. With the development of such a groundbreaking technology, the company grew fast and aside from calculators, the company began to produce other electrical products. In the 1980's the Casio we know today began to take its shape, as it started to focus on developing wristwatches. With the brand technological superiority and a focus on developing wristwatches, Casio quickly became known its wrist watches world wide. 

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At we are proud to be an official stockist of Casio watches. This ensures that you receive a genuine Casio watch with the offical Casio warranty and service connected.   

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G-shock - “Taking Toughness to the Limit”

Casio G-shock is with its groundbreaking technology one of the most popular series from Casio. The G-shock watch was the watch that brought a whole new concept of what robustness and toughness was, to the watch industry. Before the G-shock watch, the conventionel thought was, that it was impossible to design an unbreakable watch. This thought was something that the Casio brand wanted to challenge and so the "Project Team Tough" team was assembled i 1981, with a mission of creating the "unbreakable watch". It proved to be a very difficult mission and it took more than 200 different prototypes during a period of two years, before the right model was designed. The successfull model had the perfect dimensions and structure to make it completely shock-resistant, and hereby the team had fullfilled its mission. This original model was the beginning of a whole new era for Casio and since then the brand has continuously pushed the limits for what a shock-resistant watch should be.

The brands continuous strive to push the limits of what's technically possible, along with the passion of the G-shock team, has resulted in the design of the “Triple G Resist” model, which is a watch that has the stength to withstand three types of gravitational acceleration. Stronger than ever before, the G-shock team continues its never ending journey of designing a watch that is always stronger than the one before. 

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