Get your dream watch with Fossil

Fossil was founded in the USA back in 1984 by two brothers. Over time the brand has grown and today it is a large internationally known brand, known for its incredible watch designs. With Fossil you'll find a wide range of watches, from the classic chronograph to the modern smartwatch and many exciting designs and colors, to suit your personal style. Whether you are on the lookout for an everyday watch, a dress watch for formal occasions or a gift for a very special person, it is certain that you'll find a watch to suit your needs, with Fossil.


At we are authorized to carry the Fossil brand, which guarantees that you'll receive a 100% genuine Fossil watch and the official service and warranty connected. 

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Complete you wardrobe with the perfect Fossil watch

If you love the traditional watch, you'll find a fantastic range of classic watch designs with Fossil. The classic watch is perfect for both the casual outfit and for a formal situation. Express your personal style through your watch by choosing a Fossil watch with the exact colors and details that you love. The classic Fossil watch can easily be combined with other types of jewelry, to further express your personal style. Are you the sporty type? Then a Fossil watch with a silicone strap may be the perfect solution for you. A watch with a silicone strap is super easy to clean and on top of that, very lightweight - a must for a watch that is to be used during sport activities. Are you in the search for a watch that keeps you connected in the go? A Fossil smartwatch is the perfect way to stay connected and give you all the functions you could ever need, right by your wrist. No matter what type of Fossil watch is the right choice for you and your lifestyle, you can be sure that the Fossil watch is a watch that you can trust. 

Streamline your busy day with a Fossil smartwatch

If you've ever worn a touchscreen smartwatch, you'll understand the importance of the incredible functions, available right by your wrist. Have you never worn one? Don't worry we'll introduce you to all the smart functions available in a Fossil smartwatch. From managing messages and notifications to remote control of your smartphone, the possibilities of what you can do to streamline your busy everyday life are almost endless. You can syncronize your Fossil smartwatch directly with your smartphone and it is compatible both with iOS and Android. With the smartwatch technology you can easily organize, communicate and have fun with your watch. You can receive traffic notifications, to know the fastest way to work, and receive messages from friends and family or control the music in your smartphone, right by your wrist. You can control your daily alarm and make your smartwatch wake you up by vibrating on your wrist in the morning, you can take remote controlled selfies with your phone and make use of the inbuild fitness tracker for your training. You can costumize exactly which apps your Fossil smartwatch should syncronize with in your smartphone. Personalisation is the key word with the Fossil smartwatch - in a short amount of time you can set up your Fossil smartwatch to suit your exact lifestyle and needs. 

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