The essence of Danish watch design

The Skagen brand was founded in 1989, with inspiration from the Danish coastal city Skagen, where the brand has its roots. From Skagen the brand adopted its unique design aesthetique and minimalistic mindset, that in many ways represent the traditional Danish design aesthetique.

Today the brand is known for its iconic and timeless watch designs, that all spring from the basic principle, that "a great design improves a person's life". With this principle at heart, the key to every new design for Skagen, is a minimalistic approach and the ability to simplify a design to the fullest. This is why all Skagen watches have only the most essential elements incorporated, and why these elements are combined in an uncomplicated yet beautiful way. The brands unique way of looking at the design process, in combination with the use of sturdy materials and expert craftmanship, is also why the brand has become such a huge hit, both nationally and internationally.


Official stockist of Skagen watches

At we are proud to be an official stockist of Skagen watches. This means that all of our Skagen watches are 100% genuine and have been quality tested by Skagen's own experts. Therefore, you are ensured a newly produced and genuine Skagen watch, with the official Skagen warranty connected, when you shop with us. 

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A minimalistic style expression with Skagen

"We have an incredible and intense passion for designing", expresses Skagen. At the same time, it seems the Scandinavian roots play a big part in design process: “Our "less is more" approach when it comes to watch designs, means that we are much more prone to simplify a design rather than add to it". The brand sees this a a posititve thing, because this is part of what makes the brand so unique and succesfull: "Our minimalistic design approach makes our watches ideal for any time of the day, in any part of the world, even 10 years from now". With this statement the brand emphasizes that simplicity is not just beautiful, it is also incredibly versatile. 

Simplify your life with Skagen

According to Skagen, a great design isn't just about the looks, but also about how well it matches your lifestyle. At the same time though, the brand expresses that looks and functionality are not mutually exclusive elements, but that they should be viewed as elements that complement each other. A simple watch face is easy to read, even by just a glance. A small watchcase means that it can sit under a shirt sleeve with ease. In this manner, Skagen explains how even a watch can be a way to simplify your life. 

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