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Many of you already know that Tommy Hilfiger is a clothes brand, and yes... even if Ali G says ”Tommy Hilfinger”, his name is Tommy Hilfiger. A creator and producer of stylish sweaters and good looking trousers, but... Thomas Jacob Hilfiger has also produced watches for many years, offered the fashion world and watch-enthusiasts an entirely unique and relaxed style. His watches are available in a lot of different styles; so no matter if coloured with gold, silver, steel... having leather or metal as strap... you can find the perfect Tommy Hilfiger watch for you. is an authorized reseller of watches from Tommy Hilfiger, and because we only sell products from brands that have accepted us to be their official reseller; it is a guarantee that the product is genuine, comes with official warranties and with access to official service. You are welcome to ask us about Tommy Hilfiger, because we know a lot about Tommy Hilfiger's watches.

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Tommy Hilfiger - Modern fashion pioneer since 1985

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the world's leading fashion brand, with classic American, preppy design characterizes its style. Since 1985, Tommy Hilfiger have designed clothes, shoes and other accessoaries, for both men and women; especially known for the stylish and unicoloured sweaters, loved all over the world. Tommy Hilfiger is also a brand that is tightly connected with denim products, like beautiful and fashionable jeans. Always a search to find the best mix between formal elegance and wild and active outdoor's life.

For a while now, wristwatches has been designed by Tommy Hilfiger, and thanks to their unique design and aesthetic, got the appreciation from watchlovers, all over the world.

Tommy Hilfiger watches are both classic and stylish in their look, but with a simple and unique design-twist, which enables you to find a Tommy Hilfiger watch that helps you to express/enhance your style. Even though Tommy Hilfiger is one of the big fashion brands, their good quality watches comes to good prices (which means... good prices FOR YOU).

Tommy Hilfiger men's watches: Elegant watches for business or leisure

Tommy Hilfiger's men's watches are characterized by their dials and the wide selection of materials. Among other things, you will find a lot of goldcoloured watches that suits formal situations, and it has since long been synonymous with success and loyalty. Try one, buy one... and let your success be visible for everyone.

Another type is the more sporty wristwatch... with their big, blue dials and dark brown leather straps. Some of the designs even reminds about a classic Skagen.

These classic Tommy Hilfiger works just as well for formal, business or sporty, leisure.

Timeless design = never out of fashion, and easy to match with your wardrobe...

Tommy Hilfiger ladies' watches: for the woman who wants to stand out

In contrast to many other producers, the design onTommy Hilfiger's ladies' watches and men's watches isn't so different. The size of the case and strap is about the same size, when you get a Tommy Hilfiger.

A ladies' watch from Tommy Hilfiger has a bigger dial than its competitors', and usually these watches are in gold or red gold, which helps to increase the elegance. Of course, you can have one with silver colour.

The bigger dials are perfect for the woman who wants to stand out. There's no doubt that these designs will attract attention, so... if you like that: Dress yourself with a watch from Tommy Hilfiger.

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At, we try to offer high quality to low price

A Tommy Hilfiger watch can be anywhere between £70 and $170, a range that most people can afford. Other fashion brands, like for example {{widget type="catalog/category_widget_link" anchor_text="Hugo Boss" title="Hugo Boss" template="catalog/category/widget/link/link_inline.phtml" id_path="category/532"}} and {{widget type="catalog/category_widget_link" anchor_text="Armani" title="Armani" template="catalog/category/widget/link/link_inline.phtml" id_path="category/101"}} could start at the almost twice the price of the most expensive Tommy Hilfiger watch, and reach up to even 4 times.

Lower price doesn't mean lesser quality, but lesser profit. You can take advantage of that.