What time is it? The right children's watch makes it fun to learn to tell the time

Children love to learn new and exciting things - this includes learning to tell the time. With our wide range of watches for children, you have all you need to teach your child how to tell the time in a fun way. Browse among our bestsellers or specify your search in the left side filter menu. 


Need help to find the right watch for your child?

With the wide range of watches and brands for children at, it may be a difficult task to find the right one. If you need help, we are always there to help guide you to find the right watch for your child. Contact us via our contact page and we'll do our best to guide you towards the perfect soution. 

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Poco Loco - Allergy friendly children's watches

At we are an official dealer of the awesome brand Poco Loco, that design and produce allergy friendly watches for children. All watches from Poco Loco are produced with the allergy friendly material, titanium. In addition to this, the Poco Loco watches are designed to also be perfect different types of sport, such as swimming, since they are waterproof down to 10 ATM and have a super comfortable silicone wrist band. 

The watches have a classic design and are available in both neutral and fresh colors, to ensure that your child gets a color on their watch that they'll love. 

Poco Loco Børneure


Fibex - Digital watches for Kids

A Fibex watch is the perfect digital watch for a kid. The watches from Fibex are equipped with a silicone wrist band that are known to incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear, as well as durable. Combined with a durable case, the Fibex watch is water proof down to 10 ATM, which means that your child can shower and go swimming with it. Fibex watches have a daily alarm function and are available in two overall dsigns, each with exciting color options. Furthermore, the Fibex watches display can be changed between the 12-hour (AM/PM) - and the 24-hour time clock, so that your child can learn to tell the time as preferred. In addition to this, the watches have a stop watch function, a date display, as well as a light function to light up the display when it is dark. To go to the Fibex watch selection for children, click here.

Fibex Digitalure

Do you have any questions regarding Fibex watches or digital watches for children? Contact us through our contact page.

Lego - Fun kid's watches

At we have a wide range of cool and fun Lego watches for kids. With Lego watches your child will never have a dull moment when learning to tell the time. The Lego watches feature a recognizable character from the Lego universe, so that your child will always have their favourite hero or heroine with them. The wrist band links are easy to adjust to the circumference of your child's wrist with an easy "click on/off" function. Furthermore, you'll have a lot of fun together combining the links in cool and fun color combinations. You can check out our range of Lego children's watches by clicking here.  

Do you have any questions regarding our Lego watches for children? Contact us through our contact page.   

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