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CS1508007C-P4-T-09 Carrie Taylor Rosegold Mesh Band (20mm)
Carrie Taylor Rosegold Mesh Band (20mm)
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Carrie Taylor Watches

Carrie Taylor New York takes its inspiration from the iconic New York City, also known as ‘The Big Apple’. The founders of the brand experienced firsthand how the city exuded a special energy, and how its fashion oriented inhabitants had a style like no other they had ever experienced. They saw the city’s radiant lights, exciting restaurants, charismatic shops and lively areas as something that made the city an outstanding metropol. A city that the founders themselves describe as “an endless source of inspiration for our designs”. At the same time they were immensely fascinated by how the fashionable New Yorkers had a special ability to style their outfits in a way where their watches and accessories were essential.

In the hunt for inspiration, the founders decided to interview the fashion oriented New Yorkers to gain a deeper understanding of how they themselves gained inspiration and imagined their own style. What they discovered was that their outfits had to mirror their personalities, and that their watches and jewellery were an extension of this. They emphasised that they never let themselves be limited by what conventional fashion may dictate, but instead wished to experiment with and express their style in their own way. Thus, it was important to them to have a solid collection of clothes, watches and jewellery that they could mix and match in new exciting ways. When the founders asked them how they chose which watches and jewellery should be a part of their collection, they answered that a great collection consisted of both classic and unique designs. The classic and simple designs should fit with everything in the wardrobe while the unique and exciting designs should be able to spice up the outfit in a more noticeable manner. The insights that the founders gathered from the city and its fashionable inhabitants became the base for the design aesthetique of  Carrie Taylor New York.         

With this inspiration as a base, the collections of Carrie Taylor consist of both classic and versatile styles, as well as some unique and more glamorous styles. The collections are tied together through elegant, charismatic and feminine designs that catch the spirit of New York and its fashionistas. A spirit that is known and immortalised through iconic characters, like Carrie Bradshaw and Samantha Jones from the famous ‘Sex and the City’ series. The Carrie Taylor watches symbolise the self confidence, personality and the natural sophistication that characterises every fashion oriented New Yorker. Are you on the lookout for a watch that expresses your personal styles, then you will not be disappointed by Carrie Taylor New York.   

At Watchia we are an authorised reseller of Carrie Taylor New York. This means that you are guaranteed a 100% genuine Carrie Taylor watch, and that you are covered by the official warranty of the brand.

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