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Choose a sports watch that matches your sport

Many sports watches have special functional properties, that make them ideal for different kinds of sports and activities. Because of this, you should always keep your sport in mind with regards to what functional properties a watch should have, when you pick your sports watch.

Are you a runner or a racer, then a sports watch with a chronograph (stopwatch) function is ideal. Furthermore, a sports watch with a tachymeter, that is able to measure speed and distances, may be essential for these types of sports. Are you instead a diver, then the sports watch with a rotating bezel that can measure your dives and surface times, is ideal. To learn more about divers watches, visit our “divers watches” category. Do you enjoy mountain climbing, camping or hiking, then a sports watch with an altimeter function is ideal. Other useful functional properties include alarms, tide indicator, regatta timer, heart rate monitor and more, that may be useful for the type of sport you do.

Shock resistance is alpha and omega for tough sports activities

For tough and rugged sports activities where your watch is sure to get a few bumps along the way, a sports watch with shock resistance technology is necessary. Many sports watches are designed with shock absorbing technology that keeps the inner workings of the watch intact when they receive a hit. One of the most well known brands with this type of technology is Casio G-shock. As an expert within the field of sports watches with shock absorbing technology, the G-shock watch is a favourite among military personnel, surfers, skateboarders, snowboarders and other outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.


It should be easy to tell the time on a sports watch

On many sports watches it is easy to tell the time, because in many sports activities, this is essential. In extreme sports, like diving, mountain climbing and skydiving, being able to tell the time quickly with just a single glance at the watch is necessary. Because of this, most sports watches have clear, large indicators and clock hands. Furthermore, most sports watches also have dials and clock hands with a luminescent coating, so that they are visible in the dark.

If you prefer the digital watch to the traditional sports watch, digital sports watches are just as easy to tell the time with.     

The sports watch design

While the functional properties of the sports watch are the most essential, many find the design equally as important. Naturally, most sports watches have a sporty design no matter what materials they are made from or what functional properties they have. This means that you will not find a watch with a slim design in the sports watch category. However, many sports watches are versatile enough that they can also be worn casually or at formal events. In particular the divers watch is considered ideal for not only sports, but also for many other occasions. 

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Find your ideal sports watch!

Today a sports watch is an incredibly popular type of watch and you will rarely see any pro athlete without one. It is defined by a combination of important factors, especially by its functional properties in relation to the sport or activity it is designed for. In general, a sports watch should be made in a robust and durable material, such as stainless steel, titanium, resin or rubber. Materials that are capable of enduring extreme conditions without being damaged. Furthermore, most sports watches should be water resistant, with the exception of sports watches that are designed for a sport or activity, where this property is not essential. Last but not least, a sports watch should be shock resistant to ensure that its movements are not damaged when the watch takes a hit. Always keep your personal sports activity in mind, when you choose your sports watch.

Need guidance? Contact us and we will be happy to help you find your ideal sports watch.

In this category you'll find many popular sports watch brands and models, for both men and women. 

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