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Conquer the Elements: Casio G-SHOCK MUDMASTER GWG-2000

The Casio G-SHOCK MUDMASTER GWG-2000 is a rugged, durable watch designed to withstand the toughest on-land environments, making it perfect for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. Here are 5 reasons why this watch would suit your lifestyle:

1. Toughness for Extreme Conditions: Engineered for durability, the MUDMASTER is built to resist shocks and withstand mud, sand, and other challenging terrains. It's ideal for activities like off-roading, hiking, and construction work.

2. Advanced Construction: The watch features a forged carbon bezel and a carbon core guard case structure, providing robust protection without adding unnecessary bulk. This makes it more compact and comfortable to wear, even in rough conditions.

3. Mud-Resistant Design: It includes mud-resist buttons combined with stainless steel pipes and silicone buffers. This unique design prevents mud and dust from entering the watch, ensuring reliable functionality in all environments.

4. Elegant and Functional Aesthetics: Despite its rugged build, the MUDMASTER has a refined look with a finely powdered marbled carbon case, making it suitable for both outdoor adventures and casual wear.

5. Durability and Comfort: The combination of its tough exterior and compact design offers both durability and comfort, making it suitable for prolonged use in challenging conditions.

The Solar-Powered Tank: Casio G-SHOCK MUDMAN GW-9500

The CASIO G-SHOCK GW-9500, also known as the MUDMAN, is a robust and durable watch designed for tough outdoor environments. The key features and unique selling points of this watch include:

1. Robust Durability: Engineered for resilience, the GW-9500 can endure extreme conditions, from heavy impacts to exposure to mud and dust. This makes it an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts who engage in rigorous activities like mountain biking, trekking, or off-roading.

2. Solar-Powered Efficiency: The solar charging capability ensures that the watch remains operational without the need for regular battery replacements. This eco-friendly feature is especially beneficial for adventurers who spend extended periods outdoors, away from conventional power sources.

3. Accurate Timekeeping with Atomic Sync: The watch employs atomic timekeeping technology, meaning it receives radio signals to automatically adjust the time, ensuring utmost accuracy.

4. Advanced Outdoor Sensors: Equipped with essential tools such as a compass for navigation, a barometer for weather prediction, an altimeter for elevation measurement, and a thermometer, the GW-9500 serves as a multifunctional device for outdoor exploration and adventure planning.

5. Water Resistance for all Adventures: The watch's 20 ATM water-resistant design makes it suitable for water sports and activities like swimming, snorkeling, or kayaking. It can withstand immersion at depths of 200 meters, providing reliability in diverse environmental conditions.

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Casio G-shock watches

Casio G-shock is famous for being the world's most durable watch. The G-shock watch was born from the idea of creating a watch that was completely unbreakable. The first finished model was launched in 1983, designed by Casio engineer Kikuo Ibe, who wanted to break the stereotype, that a watch was as fragile as a piece of jewelry. Ibe's G-shock watch was the ultimate fusion between design and function - he had created a watch that pushed the standards of what was thought possible within the watch industry.   

The story of Kikuo Ibe and the "unbreakable watch" began, when he dropped a pocketwatch, that he had inherited from his father. As a result of the pocket watch being dropped, it broke, which was very distressing for Ibe, since it had a lot of sentimental value attached to it. He then wished for himself and others to never experience this kind of heartbreak over a broken watch, and thus he deciced that he would create a new type of watch, that was completely unbreakable. It was to be based on what he called the triple 10 philosophy. With the triple 10 philosophy he meant that the watch would be waterproof down to 10 bar (100 meter), have a batterylife of at least 10 years, and most importantly, it would be able to survive a fall of 10 meter.

Watchia.com is an authorized reseller of watches from Casio, and because we only sell products from brands that have accepted us to be their official reseller; it is a guarantee that the product is genuine, comes with official warranties and with access to official service. You are welcome to ask us about all Casio's watches, because we know a lot about Casio and their watch collections.

Never give up!


It took years before Casio engineer Kikuo Ibe could present a succesful design of "The Unbreakable Watch". Ibe had a "never give up" attitude, which drove him to succeed, an attitude that is deeply rooted within the Casio brand. This attitude is also the reason why the brand continues to push the boundaries for what a watch should be, by always innovate and apply the newest technology. Today most G-shock watches uses energy from light, to run... they contain GPS and Bluetooth technology as well as radiocontrol and more. That is why today the G-shock watch is not only known for its robust design, but also for its technology.  

Exact time no matter where you are

Thanks to the innovative GPS hybrid technology, that combines an energy effective GPS and radio technology, the time is adjusted by two powerful systems that help each other locate the precise time, no matter where you are. The G-shock watch automatically receives radiosignals from the closest regions in the world and is able to show the exact time from Europe, North America, Japan, parts of Canada, Central America and China. In the regions where these signals cannot be picked up, the watch uses its GPS to receive signals from space. Naturally, the watch can also be set manually.


“Absolute Toughness”

The G-shock watch was created at a time where the watch was still considered a fragile piece of jewelry. however, Casio engineer Kikuo Ibe dreamt of creating "The Unbreakable Watch", which became the catalyst  for a new era in the world of watches. Even before this though, back in the 1970's, Casio was already a pioneering brand when it came to digital watches

The first G-shock watch, the DW500 model, was introduced to the market in 1983. This model was the beginning of an enormous success story, when Casio with its brand new G-shock models, became the international favourite among the urban youth. The shock proof G-shock watch quickly became a world renowned symbol of robustness, innovation and multifunctionality. Finally, watch enthusiasts could keep their watches on even when they were skateboarding or riding their BMX bikes. It was no longer a problem for the watch to fall from heights or to get slammed. No matter if the G-shock watch is used for daily life, for sports or for extreme outdoor activities, G-shock has always been the perfect and reliable companion for more than 35 years. The G-shock watch is worn by people, who as the brand, pushes the limits of what is possible. 


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