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    Delivery time and order management in relation to Coronavirus

    Normal operation at - We ship daily as usual

    In relation to order management, we follow the authorities' recommendations, and have increased the working space of every employee working in our warehouse. At the same time, hand rubbing alcohol and gloves are available to everyone.

    The daily operation is not affected, and since we stock everything we sell, we are still able to ship goods daily. Some employees work from home, but this does not have any big impact on our service.

    All the transport companies try to deliver as normal, unfortunately, delays can occur due to the special situation.

    If you have any further questions about anything, you are welcome to write to us here.

    Take care of each other, show consideration and follow the authorities' recommendations so that we together can stop the spread.

    In this text you will find the most common questions and their answers. Just click on the question to expand the answer.
    If your question isn't here, you can send it to us via our form, a little further down the page.

  1. I just bought a watch, but now it says that it is out of stock?

    Once you have put a product into the shopping cart, our system automatically removes if from the stock list. This is done to avoid that it get bought byothers, while you are still looking at other products, or aren't as fast at checkout. If it was the last one (in our stock), it will then show "0", but only affect other people - and not you. Your product will be sent today (if ordered before 12 o'clock), and you will soon enjoy it.

  2. How can I get the wristband adjusted?

    We recommend this wristband adjustment tool:
    Bracelet adjustment - How to remove links from your watch strap -

    to easily remove links on the bracelet, by yourself:

  3. This watch wasn't for me, and I want to return it - how do I do that properly?

    We refer to the rights of withdrawal Terms of use. However, we wish to emphasize here that all returns should be sent with track & trace (possibly with our return label). Shipments with stamps without track & trace are made at your own risk. A return form must be filled for (a fast) processing.

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    Invalid claims are billed (shipping and administrative fees): See Exchange & Returns for current amount. Invalid claims = the damage is self-inflicted, or caused by normal wear and tear. For an overview of the different brands warranty policies; click here.

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