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    In this text you will find the three most common questions and answers to them. If you want to see the answer, simply click on the question.
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  1. I just bought a watch, but now it says that it is out of stock?

    Once you have made ​​your purchase, our system automatically removes a sample from the stock list. This is done to reserve a watch for you. Has the stock been down to 1, the stock number after your purchase will be set to 0 and thereby act as sold out. But do not worry, it only applies to future purchases. Your watch will be sent immediately (if ordered before 12 o'clock), and you will receive your watch very soon.

  2. How can I get the wristband adjusted?

    We recommend this wristband adjustment tool:
    Bracelet adjustment - How to remove links from your watch -

    That way you can easily remove links on the bracelet of the watch yourself:

  3. The watch is not something for me, and I want to return it - how do I do it?

    We refer to the rights of withdrawal Terms of use. However, we wish to emphasize here that all returns should be sent by with track & trace (possibly our return label). Shipments with stamps without track & trace are made at your own risk. A return form must be filled for a fast processing.

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  • Note!
    Invalid claims are billed €35 in shipping and administrative fee. This means the damage is self-inflicted, or damages are caused by normal wear and tear, in such cases complaint won't be valid. For an overview of the different brands warranty policy click here.

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