On this page we have compiled information regarding brand’s warranty and guarantees. Here you can read what the warranty does or does not cover. A good rule of thumb is that all internal damages are covered, while all external damages are not covered – unless the damage happens directly after purchase and is likely due to manufacturing defects. As a customer you should understand the difference between manufacturing defects, misuse and wear and tear.

One example of misuse is when a watch with a screw-down crown has received moisture damage caused by the crown not being screwed in correctly. Such damage is regarded as self-inflicted and not covered by the warranty, even if the watch is marked as waterproof.

A worn off strap or bracelet is not covered either unless the damage happens directly after the purchase and can be due to manufacturing defects. Example 1: A leather strap usually starts to wear off after 12-18 months of purchase. Therefore this type of damage will not be covered as it is considered to be a normal wear and tear.Example 2: A leather strap got worn off after 10 days after purchase. The warranty will cover this since it is likely due to a manufacturing defect (unless otherwise noted such as a drop or other sort of impact).


Here is an approximate time of the brand’s workshop hours (excluding holidays). Hours can often vary but they indicate how long a process of a claim may take. Time is calculated from the day we receive and open the package.

Abbot & Mosley: 2-4 weeks.
Adidas: 3-5 weeks.
Armani: 3-5 weeks.
Bulova: 2-3 weeks.
Calvin Klein: 2-4 weeks.
Carrie Taylor: 1-2 weeks.
Casio: 2-3 weeks.
Certina: 2-4 weeks.
Citizen: 2-4 weeks.
Club: 2-3 weeks.
Daniel Wellington: 2-4 weeks.
Diesel: 3-5 weeks.
DKNY: 3-5 weeks.
Dyrberg/Kern: 3-5 weeks.
Festina: 2-3 weeks.
Fossil: 3-5 weeks.
Gant: 2-3 weeks.
Gucci: 4-6 weeks.
Hugo Boss: 2-3 weeks.
INEX: 2-3 weeks.
Lorus: 2-3 weeks.
Mango: 2-3 weeks.
Maurice Lacroix: 3-5 weeks.
Michael Kors: 3-6 weeks.
Misfit: 3-6 weeks.
Mockberg: 2-4 weeks.
Nixon: 4-6 weeks.
Oris: 2-4 weeks.
Police: 2-3 weeks.
Prevetti: 1-2 weeks.
Pulsar: 2-3 weeks.
Seiko: 2-3 weeks.
Skagen: 2-3 weeks.
Swiss Military Hanowa: 2-3 weeks.
Tissot: 3-4 weeks.
Tommy Hilfiger: 2-3 weeks.
Triwa: 4-6 weeks.
WobL: 1-2 weeks.