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More than a hundred years of experience with watches

The Festina brand was founded all the way back in 1902, by the Stüdi family, in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Thereafter, in 1935, a businessman by the name of Willy Burkhard overtook the brand. During the second world war, the brand was brought to Barcelona in Spain, where it once again changed ownership to Aman by the name of Adolf Hoffmann. In 1975 the brand was bought by the entrepreneur Georges Uhlmann, who had a substantial role in the Spanish and Italian markets. Finally, in 1984, the brand changed hands for the last time when it was purchased by Miguel Rodríguez Domínguez. 

Despite the incredibly long journey of the brand and the many changes of ownership along the way, Festina never lost its fundamental values and to this day the brand is still known for these values. As a symbol of this, even the word "Festina" is derived from the latin phrase "festina lente", which directly translated means "hurry slowly". More accurately the phrase means: "walk slowly if you want to arrive at a well done job faster."

“Festina always fits” with Gerard Butler

Having sponsored the Tour de France and other well known sports events for more than 25 years, the brand entered a new era with the well known actor Gerard Butler as brand ambassador and front figure in 2016. With Gerard Butler in the lead for the new world wide Festina campaigns, the brand marked its position as a lifestyle brand in a totally new manner. The newest campaign with actor Gerard Butler is the "Festina always fits" campaign. This campaign features the sensual, spontanious and charismatic sides of the famous actor. The versatility of the Festina designs are shown in the campaign which perfectly match the versatility of the famous actor. Both Butler and Festina watches are able to adapt to any situation and occasion without ever losing their characteristic style and elegance.

A respected brand with a love of sport

In 1992 Festina became the official timekeeper of the Tour de France, a role the brand kept until 2016. With over two decades as the official timekeeper and sponsor to the Tour de France, this important role is something that the brand is still known for today. During this period Festina has contributed to the world of sport by sponsoring and supporting other important events within cycling, such as Tour de Spain, Tour of Britain and more. This close connection to cycling has resulted in annual releases of watch models for the immensely popular Chrono Bike series. The Chrono Bike series is a tribute to the world of cycling, athletes and enthusiasts alike. The models in the Chrono Bike series have a sporty design and are made to withstand everyday life activities, as well as sport activities. In addition to this, the Chrono Bike series occasionally features special releases and limited edition models, sold only through selected dealers. You can can check out our special edition models here.

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Festina Watches - Time To Live

Festina is a Spanish watch brand that was founded in 1902 by Dionisio Rodriguez. The company started as a small workshop in Switzerland, producing high-quality watches for the local market. For the first few decades, Festina focused on producing watches for the local market, but by the 1930s, it had begun to export its watches to other countries, including Spain. In the following decades, Festina continued to expand its operations and its market reach.

In 1984, Festina opened its first factory in Spain, in the Basque Country, which allowed the company to increase its production capacity and to expand its market reach in Spain and Latin America. Since then, Festina has become one of the most recognized and respected watch brands in Spain and Latin America, and has expanded its reach globally.

In the 1990s, Festina began to focus on the sport watches market, and became the official timekeeper for many cycling events, including the Tour de France, which helped to increase its visibility and reputation. Festina continued to innovate and expand its product line, introducing new designs and features, such as chronographs, and water-resistant watches.

In recent years, Festina has continued to expand its market presence and to innovate. The company has been focusing on the development of new technologies, such as smartwatches, and has been introducing new designs, such as hybrid watches, which combine the best of traditional watches and smartwatches. Festina also continues to be committed to using high-quality materials and the latest technology in its watches, which helps to ensure their accuracy, durability and reliability.

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