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Watches from Prevetti

The story of Prevetti begins in the village of Positano, on the Amalfi Coast in Campania, Italy, near the province of Salerno. Here the two founders of the Prevetti spend a vacation together, on which a fateful meeting with a very special person, and an unforgettable insight into Italian culture and values became the start of a successful business. 

The Italian motto ‘dolce far niente’, which can be translated to ‘the sweetness of doing nothing’, perfectly illustrates how the Italian way of life centres around the simple yet beautiful things in life. It is about living in the now and enjoying it to the fullest.


The beginning of Prevetti

The story begins on a night when the two founders are out enjoying some of the most prominent specialties that Italian cuisine has to offer, in a small and cosy local restaurant. Here they meet a well dressed local gentleman with neatly backcombed hair and an elegant watch on his wrist, who introduced himself as Carlo Prevetti. Mr. Prevetti had a special aura about him. He could be described as the epitome of natural elegance and style, he exuded confidence, was charismatic and had an unparalleled ability to tell stories. The saying ‘dolce far niente’ came to expression in the way Mr. Prevetti introduced the founders to the ‘Italian way of life’. He explained that family and benevolence were key elements to joy of life, and thus, he invited the founders to an authentic Italian family dinner with his family the following night. The following night, the Prevetti’s had cooked the most delicious and delicate homemade specialities, for the founders’ to enjoy under the starlit sky in the Italian summer heat. It was here, during the dinner and in great company, with the exquisite view of the Amalfi Coast in the background, that Mr. Prevetti began to tell his story. Mr. Prevetti had been a watchmaker for over 40 years and had his own little shop in the local area near Salerno. He showed the founders his watch collection, and with immense pride in his voice he told them that every watch he had collected over the years had a very special meaning to him. The interesting thing about Mr.Prevettis’ collection was that it was not the most expensive collection nor the most exclusive, which you might expect from a watchmaker, but a collection of watches that Mr. Prevetti for one reason or another had an emotional attachment to. He showed the founders his most special watch, his very first watch. It was a simple yet elegant watch, which was given to him by his beloved wife on their first wedding anniversary. A time when the pair did not earn much money. Mr. Prevetti explained that it was not the price of the watch that mattered, but the meaning, memories and love behind it. It was clear to the founders that Mr. Prevetti’s point of view about watches was unique from any other the founders had previously encountered, and when their vacation came to an end, they were determined to start their own watch brand that would honour Mr. Prevetti. A watch brand where the qualities and values that Mr. Prevetti had would shine through. Named after Mr. Prevetti, the intention for the watch brand was that the watches should not only tell the time, look good and be of good quality, but they should also symbolise the Italian culture and the values that Mr. Prevetti inspired the two founders to adopt. And most importantly, Prevetti watches should be attainable for any watch lover to own.         


Today, Mr. Prevetti’s unique insights are still at the base for every business decision and watch design made for the Prevetti brand. Sophistication, elegance, confidence, charisma and harmony are some of the keywords that guide the brands’ modern, stylish watch collections. And true to the Prevetti spirit, despite an attainable price point, quality is never compromised. In Prevettis’ spirit and honour. 

Watchia is an authorised reseller of watches from Prevetti. Because we only sell products from brands that have accepted us to be their official reseller; it is a guarantee that the product is genuine, comes with official warranties and with access to official service.

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