Seiko Watches

With more than 140 years of experience and development, Seiko has grown from being a small shop selling and repairing watches in central Tokyo to one of the biggest, most well-known watch brands in the world. The brand is renowned for its high-end automatic watches with some of the best clockworks in the world. All the clockworks are manufactured in the company's own factory - Japanese craftsmanship at its finest. Seiko watches are unique, have handpainted dials, and details worth loving. Great watches at a great price. 

At Seiko you will find many different types of wristwatches for both men and women – all in different price ranges. The Seiko Astron-collection brings precision that is hard for other watch brands to match. Seiko's dive watches are always at the forefront of development and progress. Seiko also offers classical watches, cocktail dress-watches, and currently the brand has begun focusing more on unique, mechanical watches as well. You can read more about Seiko has been appointed: ”Official Global Brand”-reseller of Seiko, which gives us access to their elite-collections of exclusive watches. As an official reseller, it is guaranteed that our products are genuine, new and comes with all official accessories, as well as warranty. If you have any questions regarding Seiko watches, please contact us here.


Four elite collections from Seiko

Seiko 5 Sports is a historic collection: automatic wristwatches at a great price. It is known by ”Good value for money”, and it offers some of the best watches on the market in its price range. It was relaunched in 2019, and now consists of modern watches with automatic clockworks, taking over after the legendary SKX-models (which were taken out of production). The new 5 Sports-collection offers both raw and sporty looks, as well as more simple and elegant watches. No matter your style, Seiko has a watch to match!

Seiko Prospex is the adventurer's watch, just as suitable for on land as in water and air. It is a redevelopment of tha brands dive watches, and can therefore be an exellent diver's watch just as well as an adventurers'. Seiko produced their first dive watch in 1965 and has proudly continued to help diver's enjoy their element. Through a collaboration with PADI and Save The Ocean, Seiko has also produced some fantastic limited edition and special models within this category. A Prospex clockwork can be solar, kinetic or automatic and they are all produced in Seiko's own factory, in Japan.

Seiko Presage is a collection of elegant, mechanical watches with an exclusive design. Inspired by the beauty and extravaganza of fine cocktails and cocktail bars. The aesthetics and the details are Japanese craftsmanship at its finest which shines through the entire collection.

Seiko Astron is a collection of Seiko’s most advanced watches. Remarka