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This smart digital watch is produced by the brand Fibex, and is part of their Fibex Reminder collection. The watch is designed as a smartwatch and features 15 independent vibrating alarms that can be clearly felt on the wrist. This makes it ideal as a "reminder watch" for reminding about toilet visits, taking medication, or just daily activities like remembering to drink water. The vibrating alarms are extremely effective, yet very discreet in relation to the surroundings (the alarms do not produce sound). The watch measures 40mm in width and just over 9mm in profile, and has a strap that fits even normal-sized men's wrists. However, it can also be worn by children, as the strap has many holes for adjustment. In addition, this model has 2 straps on the band to keep it tight. The model also features a screen lock, so if worn by a child, active play will not affect the alarm settings. Regarding water protection, this model is IP67 rated, which means that the watch is theoretically built to be underwater for up to 30 minutes at depths of up to 1 meter. However, we advise against wearing the watch underwater, as it is not beneficial for the durability of the watch's electronics, strap, or display. The watch is charged via a built-in USB connector that can be inserted directly into, for example, a computer, power bank, or standard mobile charger (not included). Depending on the number of active alarms, the watch can last 10-35 days on a full charge. We are an official dealer of Fibex watches.

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Product Description

15 independent vibrating alarms
The watch is produced with 15 independent alarms, which, when activated, will cause the watch to vibrate for 30 seconds at the alarm time. Note that there is no acoustic signal. The alarm is indicated only by vibration and flashing light. The alarms can be stopped by pressing a button. The vibration is strong enough that the wearer of the watch can be discreetly reminded of, for example, toilet visits, medication intake, or other, without other people around noticing the alarm. The active alarms are automatically repeated daily.

Suitable for both large and small wrists
The design of the strap allows the watch to be worn by most wrist sizes. The watch only weighs 45 grams, so it can be worn by even smaller children, without feeling heavy or disturbing. In addition, the watch has 2 straps on the band, so if one breaks off in an accident, the band will not feel bothersome.

USB charging
The watch is charged via a built-in USB stick. Note that a separate charger is not included with the watch, but it can be connected to standard mobile chargers, laptops, power banks, etc. The battery's energy level can be read on the watch. If the battery is completely drained for a few days, the time must be reset, but the last entered alarm times are stored.

Energy saving
The watch is by default constantly in sleep mode, and one must press one of the watch's 2 buttons to show the time or set the alarms. This constant sleep mode allows the watch to last up to 35 days without charging (depending on use and the number of active alarms). It takes about 1 hour to fully charge the watch.

Screen lock
The model has a built-in screen lock, so any accidental activation of the watch's buttons, does not have any function. The screen lock can be activated/deactivated as per preference, but can be useful if, for example, a child is wearing the watch, so the child's active play does not affect the set time or alarms.

Countdown timer loop
The watch has a built-in countdown timer, which can be set to count down from 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, or 180 minutes, after which only the vibrating alarm is activated (no light). Can be set in "loop", so it occurs continuously after the set number of minutes.

The watch is IP67-rated, which means it can withstand a few minutes under water at a maximum depth of 1 meter before the electronics are damaged. However, we advise against wearing the watch underwater, as it will always wear on especially the strap and the display's lifespan.

Silicone strap
Silicone makes the strap feel light and soft.

Size This watch has a width of 40 mm (the dial, measured from left to right, with the crown excluded). Even if some watches are not perfectly circle shaped, we still use the term: diameter - and we only measure the case, completely ignoring the crown (even though some includes it, in their measurements).

Plastic case
Solid plastic has been used for creating this case.

Does this watch fit your wrist? Wristwatches has gradually become larger in size, and a typical women's watch is usually between 32 and 38 mm wide. If you have a wrist that is noticeable larger/smaller, we recommend that you focus on the sizes in/outside the outer edges of the typical sizes. You are always welcome to contact our support, so we can share our experience with you.

This product description is created specifically for Watchia.com and may not be copied (in whole or in parts)! Violation will therefore be met by demands of compensation.

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    Diameter40 mm
    Case depth9 mm
    GenderWomen, Children
    Strap typeSilicone
    Strap colorLight red, Pink
    Strap width12 mm
    Band length10-21 cm
    Clasp TypeStrap buckle
    Case materialPlastic
    Transparent BackcaseNo
    Case colorLight red, Pink
    Color of dialLCD/LED
    Movement Digital
    Size Guide

    How is the size of the watch measured?
    The diameter
    The common term is diameter, but since not all watches have circular watch cases, the diameter is actually the width measured from left to right. Note that some manufacturers include the crown (to set the clock) and the buttons when measuring the width, but we try to standardize all the watches by not including the crown as part of the measured width.

    size info
    Case Thickness
    The thickness - or height of the watch in profile - is indicated by measuring the watch from top to bottom as illustrated below. By comparison, a 1-euro coin is 2.33 millimeters thick.
    One usually defines the watches with these numbers:
    Slim: 4-6 millimeter
    Normal: 6-12 millimeter
    Big: 12-14 millimeter
    Oversize: 14-18 millimeter

    User Manual
    Manual (45.98 kB)
    Tools and maintainance

    If you buy this watch together with: Watch sizing tool for metal bands ($24 value) and To change strap/spring bars - ($15 value); tools to easily adjust/replace your bracelet/strap, we will give you a big discount.

    We also recommend Cape Cod Polishing Cloth + Buffing Cloth, for removing scratches on metal - or if you just want to make it look new again. If you have scratches on glass, then this is the item for you: Beco Polywatch Lens Polishing Cream 211147.

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