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Michael Kors
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The world-famous fashion brand Michael Kors has designed this gorgeous wristwatch, which is a part of their current collection of watches for ladies. Watchia.com is an official stockist of Michael Kors watches. You will, therefore, receive a 100% authentic and quality checked watch when you buy Michael Kors watches from us! The watch also gets delivered with the original box and a stamped warranty book.

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Product Description

Official reseller
We are an official reseller of all brand's watches that we sell. That equals to: genuine watches with valid warranty and access to official service.

Stainless steel bracelet
Tough, durable and elegant; a bracelet made of stainless steel gives the watch a classic quality look.

Mineral crystal
This, very durable, mineral crystal has improved protection.

Quartz Watch
A battery-powered quartz watch is controlled by fluctuations in a crystal of the mineral quartz. These oscillations change very little over time, which is why quartz is often used - because it retains its accuracy.

Water protection: 50 meter (5 bar)
This watch can resist water, but should not be worn while swimming. The value refers to the pressure in water, at that depth, while motionless... and should not be seen as the depth for wearing the watch..

Condensation - important!
Rapid changes in temperature can cause condensation inside the watch. If you notice moisture beneath the glass, you should immediately go to a watchmaker, who can open and dry the watch. Even if the signs of moisture disappears, by themselves... the moisture will not - and will eventually damage your watch - so, visit a professional and remove it permanently. Even waterproof watches are not protected against condensation, so keep that in mind if you plan to go from very hot to very cold temperatures - like from a hot sauna directly to the snow. If condensation occurs, it very rarely (if ever) depends on manufacturing, so if your watch is damaged by moisture, warranty will probably not cover it (it could be manufacturing issues, but... most likely it will be because of the rapid change of temperature = natural causes).

Size This watch has a width of 33 mm (the dial, measured from left to right, with the crown excluded). Even if some watches are not perfectly circle shaped, we still use the term: diameter - and we only measure the case, completely ignoring the crown (even though some includes it, in their measurements).

Case made of stainless steel.

Does this watch fit your wrist? Wristwatches has gradually become larger in size, and a typical women's watch is usually between 32 and 38 mm wide. If you have a wrist that is noticeable larger/smaller, we recommend that you focus on the sizes in/outside the outer edges of the typical sizes. You are always welcome to contact our support, so we can share our experience with you.

This product description is created specifically for Watchia.com and may not be copied (in whole or in parts)! Violation will therefore be met by demands of compensation.

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Diameter33 mm
Case depth7 mm
BrandMichael Kors
Strap typeStainless steel
Strap colorNavy
Strap width16 mm
Band length12-20 cm
Clasp TypeStrap buckle
Case materialStainless steel
Case colorRosegold
Color of dialMother of Pearl
Water resistance5 atm (splashproof/rain)
Movement Quartz
Size Guide

How is the size of the watch measured?
The diameter
The common term is diameter, but since not all watches have circular watch cases, the diameter is actually the width measured from left to right. Note that some manufacturers include the crown (to set the clock) and the buttons when measuring the width, but we try to standardize all the watches by not including the crown as part of the measured width.

size info
Case Thickness
The thickness - or height of the watch in profile - is indicated by measuring the watch from top to bottom as illustrated below. By comparison, a 1-euro coin is 2.33 millimeters thick.
One usually defines the watches with these numbers:
Slim: 4-6 millimeter
Normal: 6-12 millimeter
Big: 12-14 millimeter
Oversize: 14-18 millimeter

Tools and maintainance

If you buy this watch together with: Watch sizing tool for metal bands ($24 value) and To change strap/spring bars - ($15 value); tools to easily adjust/replace your bracelet/strap, we will give you a big discount.

We also recommend Cape Cod Polishing Cloth + Buffing Cloth, for removing scratches on metal - or if you just want to make it look new again. If you have scratches on glass, then this is the item for you: Beco Polywatch Lens Polishing Cream 211147.

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