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Get a unique insight into the production of watches from Jaguar

Festina Group is one of few watch companies that handles all the stages of production of their watches; below... Jaguar and Festina. This means that Festina Group controls every step of the production, and can guarantee the high quality that we take for granted. The quality is assured at several steps along the production, something that otherwise would have been close to impossible, if you don't produce everything yourself. Festina Group take pride in deliver on their high standards of the highest quality, and that goes for all their brands, including Jaguar... as well for the quality of the material and the craftsmanship. Firmly rooted in Swiss traditions, Jaguar constantly looks for new methods and technologies to improve their watches; choice of material as well as way of producing. Jaguar is, and aspired to be, pioneering in the field of watchmaking, and with their innovative mindset, they develop and creates new trends.

This culminates in Jaguar's great tradition of special editions; watches with unique design and ”that little extra”. Their in-house production provides the opportunity to produce limited editions of these special watches, the crèam de la crèam. These special watches are rarely seen in the nomal cityscape; and they will make you look and feel special... standing out in the crowd.

The video that follows gives you more insight:

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In 1938, the watch brand: Jaguar, was founded – without connections to the renowned cars. The Swiss watchmaker, Peter Haas, was the man behind Jaguar Watches (inspired by the animal that symbolizes elegance and power) – and he broke the tradition of naming the watch brand after your own name, something that happens more often than not, today. The craftsmanship has been behind the watches since the start and continues to do so – even though they are a part of Festina Group, since 1989... which actually improved the already high quality, while the production moved to Festina's facilities in Switzerland. Mmm, Made in Switzerland... stamped with: ”Swiss Made”.

Jaguar is a brand for those who care about what they wear on their wrists. High and sharp quality and exclusivity, come with the watch... it's part of the deal... it's the style. Passion for precision and love for even the smallest details is part of Jaguars identity; obvious in the design. The rigid standards for Swiss Made watches in combination of technical innovation and unique design, is the basic foundation of all Jaguar watches. is a safe shop to buy watches from Jaguar, we give a guarantee that the product is genuine, and comes with official warranties. You are welcome to ask us about Jaguar, because we know a lot about Jaguar's watches.

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