Calvin Klein

Wristwatches for women, from Calvin Klein

Ladies' watches from CK – simple and feminine design

Calvin Klein's wristwatches for women is a good choice for women who wants higher quality and design. Simple and stylish, perfect everywhere, every time – matching, more or less, everything.

Produced in Switzerland

A Calvin Klein watch is more than just a decoration; it is a fashion statement, made of (and with) the highest quality.

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The obvious choice, for women and gift-givers

With price, quality and design compared, Calvin Klein is a really good choice – when you want to buy a new watch for yourself, or for someone special.

Buy watches cheap, from authorized reseller: is an authorized reseller of watches from Calvin Klein, and because we only sell products from brands that have accepted us to be their official reseller; it is a guarantee that the product is genuine, comes with official warranties and with access to official service. You are welcome to ask us about Calvin Klein, because we know a lot about CK's watches.

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