Special Edition

The philosophy of the Festina brand is that everything takes its time. With this philososphy, Festina always makes sure to take the exact time needed to create collections that keep the focus on enjoying the whole design process. At the same time, this unique value of the design process, allows the brand to create each and every collection with love and passion - Both universal values that mark the time of an internationally known brand.

With more than 100 years of experience within the field of watchmaking, Festina has managed to appeal to watch enthusiasts all over the world and with its collections continuosly meeting the everchanging global fashiontrends. At the same time, Festina has cemented its position in the market as a brand synonomous with elegance and functionality, which can be seen in the amazing watch designs geared towards both women and men.

At Watchia.com we are authorized to carry the Festina brand. This quarantees that all Festina watches purchased with us are genuine and quality tested. Furthermore, all Festina watches are delivered with a Festina giftbox and include the official warranty certificate. 

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