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Maserati-watches are fantastic watches, produced in Italy with the traditional Italian standards for craftsmanship and design. Maserati is owned by the ”Morellato Group”, which also owns ”Ferrari watches”. Morellato history goes all the way back to 1930, when Giulio Morellato opened his small watch- & jewelry store. From the very beginning, "Made in Italy"-stamp has meant a lot for Guilio, and his successors. Of course that applies to Maserati as well, whose watches are produced at Morellato's factories in Italy, with high quality materials.

Maserati's is another world war older, with its history going back to 1914, in Bologna (Italy)... and they have been a big part of the history and culture of the famous race car, which later developed to become the luxury cars that we know today. In 1940, Maserati moved their head quarters from Bologna to Viale Ciro Menotti, in Modena – where they remain to this day. The Maserati logotype, the trident, is the symbol of the myth of Neptune (roman religion, or Poseidon in greek religion). It origins from Mario Maserati (the only not-motor-crazy brother, in the family) was inspired by the Neptune statue, on Piazza Maggiore, and drew it... as a sign of their connection to Bologna. Since then, it has been on all cars, private as well as race cars.

Many big brands enter the watch making industry for licensing their names/brands to businesses as Morellato Group... and then just recieves the cheques, and that is all their connection to the operation. With Maserati, it isn't so. Maserati and Morellato Group work closely together, finding inspiration from the cars, resulting in the design. One of the most clear signs of this, is the logotype... the trident, that is the most known symbol of Maserati brand, and is on every watch as well.

Besides the cars, Maserati also has a long history with boats and sailing, which has also been a source of inspiration for the watches.One ”limited edition” is produced with the same material that some of the boats, used for racing, has been produced by. Here is the complete collection centered around the boats, with the ”limited edition” as the front figure.

The video that follows gives you more insight: is an authorized reseller of watches from Maserati, and because we only sell products from brands that have accepted us to be their official reseller; it is a guarantee that the product is genuine, comes with official warranties and with access to official service.

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New from Maserati, 2019

The video that follows is introducing the wonderful collection of 2019, which includes three special releases, that supposedly would be very exclusive, produced in a limited edition. Like the previous designs, they are inspired by the cars of Maserati, and these special/limited editions usually have an even closer bond to the Maserati car-brand. For example, a key chain meant for your Maserati car key, in case you are lucky enough to have such car. Even previous models have had this kind of close connection to the car brand, and you can be sure that there will be more, in the future. A dream for an enthusiast, no matter if you are in it for the watches or for the cars – but especially if you love them both.

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